Primary Prevention of Trauma-Related Problems Before Trauma

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Risk of lifetime exposure to a potentially traumatic event (PTE) increases exponentially across the lifespan until non-exposed individuals are rare.1 Although a minority of individuals in the general population develop trauma-related emotional and behavioral problems,2 this is not true of multiply traumatized or poly-victimized individuals.3-5 These experiences can start to accumulate very early in life… Read more »

The Delaware Project on Clinical Science Training

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Section 3 Supports the Delaware Project on Clinical Science Training: From Intervention Development to Implementation  The Delaware Project was initiated in October of 2011 during a conference at the University of Delaware involving key individuals in the field, many of whom are active in Division 12’s Section 3 – Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology…. Read more »

Terence Keane Receives Division 12 Presidential Citation

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Dr. Terence Keane received a Presidential citation from APA President Nadine Kaslow, Ph.D. during the Division Leadership Conference in Washington, DC January 25, 2014. The citation  read as follows: Terence (Terry) M. Keane, Ph.D. — for his lifelong commitment to helping our nation’s Veterans. A tireless clinician, researcher, teacher, mentor, advocate, bureaucrat, psychometrician, spokesperson, administrator,… Read more »

The Summer TCP is now available!

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Clinical Psychology in the Future – Mark Sobell, Ph.D. Ethics Column: Ethics, Self-Care and Infirmity I; Rituals to Develop Health-Enhancing Habits Student Column: Transdiagnostic Psychotherapy Trianing Federal Advocacy Column: How will practice take shape in the new healthcare environment? Nominations ballot now available for Division 12 elections

Teaching Evidence-Based Practice in Clinical Psychology (NEW MATERIAL)

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Principles for Training in Evidence Based Psychology:  Models for the Graduate Curricula in Clinical Psychology Prepared by the Division 12 Task Force on teaching evidence based practice in Clinical Psychology J. Gayle Beck, Chair, Louis G. Castonguay, Andrea Chronis-Tuscano, E. David Klonsky, Lata K. McGinn, and Eric A. Youngstrom Although the field has embraced an evidence-based approach to the practice of… Read more »

A Meta-analysis of Treatment Dropout in Child and Adolescent Outpatient Care

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A recent article in Clinical Psychology Review by de Haan, Boon, deJong, Hoeve, and Vermeiren, A meta-analtyic review on treatment dropout in child and adolescent outpatient mental health care, takes a comprehensive look at treatment dropout in child and adolescent outpatient mental health care using meta-analysis. As the authors point out, dropout in psychotherapy is very common…. Read more »

Public Mental Health Intervention Following Disaster

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Another mass tragedy calls upon mental health professionals to apply their skills and knowledge towards helping the public cope with trauma and loss. Since 2001, we have learned a great deal about this, and as a result, there are now evidence-informed guidelines and practices for (a) conducting needs assessments, (b) screening and identifying emerging trauma-related… Read more »