The Summer TCP is now available!

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Clinical Psychology in the Future – Mark Sobell, Ph.D. Ethics Column: Ethics, Self-Care and Infirmity I; Rituals to Develop Health-Enhancing Habits Student Column: Transdiagnostic Psychotherapy Trianing Federal Advocacy Column: How will practice take shape in the new healthcare environment? Nominations ballot now available for Division 12 elections

Teaching Evidence-Based Practice in Clinical Psychology (NEW MATERIAL)

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Principles for Training in Evidence Based Psychology:  Models for the Graduate Curricula in Clinical Psychology Prepared by the Division 12 Task Force on teaching evidence based practice in Clinical Psychology J. Gayle Beck, Chair, Louis G. Castonguay, Andrea Chronis-Tuscano, E. David Klonsky, Lata K. McGinn, and Eric A. Youngstrom Although the field has embraced an evidence-based approach to the practice of… Read more »

A Meta-analysis of Treatment Dropout in Child and Adolescent Outpatient Care

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A recent article in Clinical Psychology Review by de Haan, Boon, deJong, Hoeve, and Vermeiren, A meta-analtyic review on treatment dropout in child and adolescent outpatient mental health care, takes a comprehensive look at treatment dropout in child and adolescent outpatient mental health care using meta-analysis. As the authors point out, dropout in psychotherapy is very common…. Read more »

Public Mental Health Intervention Following Disaster

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Another mass tragedy calls upon mental health professionals to apply their skills and knowledge towards helping the public cope with trauma and loss. Since 2001, we have learned a great deal about this, and as a result, there are now evidence-informed guidelines and practices for (a) conducting needs assessments, (b) screening and identifying emerging trauma-related… Read more »

The Clinical Psychologist – Winter 2013

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Dear Members, We  are now up and running at near 100%! We will continue to make improvements and have some big plans for the near future – so stay tuned. Also, our apologies for the delay – but the Winter 2013 edition of  The Clinical Psychologist is up and available for download. -Division 12

UPDATE: 1 April 2013

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Dear Members and Prospective Members, Although we are making progress on the site, we are not back to 100%. We are fortunate to have a dedicated web developer who has quickly become familiar with our site and is working hard to pick up the pieces. The site crashed due to a poor infrastructure – the… Read more »


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Dear Members, Last week our website experienced a significant technical conundrum that caused it to crash. Importantly, no personal data were compromised. It is also important for you to know that no credit card information is stored on the site database. Since the crash, we have been working with a reputable web developer who is… Read more »