Psychological First Aid Following a Disaster or Terrorism

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The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) and the National Center for PTSD offer a free-to-download Psychological First Aid Field Operations Guide (Brymer, Jacobs, Layne, Pynoos, Ruzek, Steinberg, Vernberg, Watson, 2006) and specific material pertaining to school-related crises  to facilitate evidence-based responses to disasters and terrorism such as the tragic school shooting at the Newtown… Read more »

New Blog – Students, Showcase your Work

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Student Members – we have added a new blog to the Div12 site to give you an opportunity to showcase your research efforts. The goal is to present the work of talented students focusing on recent qualitative or quantitative research findings and clinical implications. This is an excellent opportunity to become an active part of… Read more »

Fall 2012 The Clinical Psychologist is Posted

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The Fall 2012 issue of The Clinical Psychologist Vol 65, Issue 4 has been posted. Dr. Gayle Beck reflects on her term as it comes to a close. Other contents include, (1) Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice in VA Psychotherapeutic Care, (2) Diversity Column: Subgroup Differences in Asian Americans, (3) History Column: Children,… Read more »

Antisocial Behavior and the Striatum

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A newly published review in Biological Psychiatry entitled The Potential Role of the Striatum in Antisocial Behavior and Psychopathology by Andrea L. Glenn and Yaling Yang examines evidence of structural abnormalities in individuals with antisocial behavior and psychopathy. The striatum is a subcortical structure within the forebrain that plays a role in processing information having to do with… Read more »

New in Clinician’s Toolkit: Section VII Suicide Risk Assessment Materials

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As one of the leading causes of death (, suicide demands special attention from health care providers, school personnel, counselors, and anyone who works with vulnerable populations (e.g., correctional settings, child welfare,  etc.). Division 12′s Section on Clinical Emergencies and Crises (Section VII) has recently compiled a set of resources now available for download in… Read more »

Developmental Pathways and Accumulation of Risk During Adolescence

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A newly published  article in The Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, entitled The Tracking Adolescents’ Individual Lives Survey (TRAILS): Design, Current Status, and Selected Findings by Ormel, Oldehinkel, Sijtsema, van Oort, Raven, Veenstra, Vollebergh, and Verhulst presents recent findings from the prospective longitudinal project, which began in 2001. The project… Read more »

Comprehensive Screening and Counseling for Behavioral Risks in Adolescent Primary Care

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A new article in Pediatrics entitled, Improvement in Adolescent Screening and Counseling Rates for Risk Behaviors and Developmental Tasks by Duncan, Frankowski, Carey, Kallock, Delaney, Dixon, Garcia, and Shaw reports on a modified Breakthrough Series Collaborative in which eight primary care practices were trained to implement comprehensive screening and counseling for risk behaviors and developmental tasks/strengths and to… Read more »