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The 2015 Live Webinar Series is complete.

Here is a preview of our upcoming topics for 2016


Jan. 27, 2016: Jacqueline Persons, “Monitoring progress in psychotherapy”

 Feb. 17, 2016: David Tolin, “Empirically supported treatments: Recommendations for a new model”

 March 2016: Rachel Winograd & Kenneth Sher, “Binge drinking and alcohol misuse among college students and young adults”

 June 2016: Early career professional presentation: NIH loan repayment

 Sept. 2016: Applying for internship panel discussion

 Oct. 2016: Applying for and securing a postdoctoral position

 Nov. 2016: Aaron Drummond, “Staying true to the HIPAA-law in e-communications”

Other topics for 2016:



Empirically supported approaches to mood disorders


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