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The Oxford Handbook of Traumatic Stress Disorders
The Oxford Handbook of Traumatic Stress Disorders
Edited by J. Gayle Beck and Denise M. Sloan
Hardback, 576 pages
ISBN13: 9780195399066
ISBN10: 0195399064
Jan 2012, In Stock
The Oxford Handbook of Traumatic Stress Disorders addresses the current landscape of research and clinical knowledge surrounding traumatic stress disorders. Bringing together a group of highly-regarded experts, this volume is divided into six sections, together summarizing the current state of knowledge about 1) classification and phenomenology, 2) epidemiology and special populations, 3) contributions from theory, 4) assessment, 5) prevention and early intervention efforts, and 6) treatment of individuals with post-trauma mental health symptoms. Throughout the volume, attention is paid to identifying current controversies in the literature and highlighting directions that hold promise for future work.


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Behavior Therapy
Behavior Therapy
By Martin M. Antony, PhD, ABPP and Lizabeth Roemer, PhD
Pages: 180
ISBN: 978-1-4338-0984-2
Publication Date: May 2011
Format: Softcover
Part of the Theories of Psychotherapy
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Behavior Therapy is a cogent introduction to the intellectual and therapeutic realms of behaviorism for students and practitioners.
Chapters include the history of behavior therapy; theoretical orientations; basic concepts and techniques in behavioral therapy processes, such as functional analysis, operant conditioning, positive and negative reinforcement, and others; an evaluation of the therapy’s overall effectiveness, and suggestions for its future development.


Interpersonal Processes in the Anxiety Disorders
Interpersonal Processes in the Anxiety Disorders
Implications for Understanding Psychopathology and Treatment
Edited by J. Gayle Beck
 ISBN 978-1-4338-0745-9
Traditional theories on the anxiety disorders have focused on intrapersonal factors, such as cognitive, affective, behavioral, physiological, and genetic processes. Yet, those who treat and conduct research with anxious individuals know that interpersonal processes interact with anxiety symptoms. How can we begin to reconcile research and clinical experiences with current theoretical accounts? In this volume, editor J. Gayle Beck draws together, for the first time, the available knowledge about interpersonal factors in the anxiety disorders.


Hypochondriasis and Health Anxiety
Hypochondriasis and Health Anxiety
In the series:

Advances in Psychotherapy – Evidence-Based Practice, Vol. 19

Jonathan S. Abramowitz & Autumn E. Braddock

An essential resource for anyone providing services for individuals with somatoform or anxiety disorders.

Psychotherapy, Clinical Psychology, and Counseling; Psychiatry; Health and Medical
Psychology and Psychosomatics
For psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, general practitioners, counselors/social workers, students, and trainees
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History of Psychotherapy
History of Psychotherapy
Continuity and Change
Second Edition
Edited by John C. Norcross, PhD, ABPP; Gary R. VandenBos, PhD; and Donald K. Freedheim, PhD



Published 20 years ago, the first edition of History of Psychotherapy (1992) is still considered the most comprehensive and authoritative resource on the subject.
Building on the success of its predecessor, this new edition provides timely updates to reflect both the continuity and change in psychotherapy and features additional theory, research, practice, and training. Focusing on critical turning points, 78 eminent authors examine the impact of social, cultural, and economic factors on the development of psychotherapy. Each chapter highlights the historical roots, current manifestations, and future directions of the field.
New to this edition are discussions on the emergence of multiculturalism, neuroscience, couples therapy, pharmacotherapy, spirituality and religion, and specialized research centers. Scholarly but engaging, comprehensive but accessible, this updated classic will prove ideal for students, practitioners, and libraries alike.

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Principles of Psychotherapy

In this updated third edition, authors Irving B. Weiner and Robert F. Bornstein integrate principles, theory, and research into guidelines for conducting psychodynamic psychotherapy, from the initial interview to termination of treatment. The text features an extensive bibliography and an illustrative case study.

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Suicidal Behavior

Suicidal Behavior

McKeon, R.
In the series:
Advances in Psychotherapy – Evidence-Based Practice – Vol. 14

Suicidal behavior is one of the most devastating problems in modern society. Former clinical division director of the American Association of Suicidology Richard McKeon’s new book Suicidal Behavior aims to increase clinicians’ access to empirically supported interventions for suicidal behavior.

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Advances in Psychotherapy – Evidence-Based Practice
A new series of practice oriented, authoritative, easy to read, and compact guides for psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors/social workers, students and trainees.

A book series developed and edited in consultation with the Society for Clinical Psychology (APA Division 12), and published with Hogrefe, containing compact guidance on empirically supported treatments for the most common disorders seen in clinical practice. Four new books are published each year, authored by leading authorities in their field.

The books are available for US $29.80 each. D12 members receive a $5 discount per book, and a discount of $10 per book if they sign up for a series standing order.

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Behavioral Emergencies

Behavioral Emergencies: An Evidence-Based Resource for Evaluating and Managing Risk of Suicide, Violence, and Victimization

Edited by Phillip M. Kleespies, PhD, ABPP

In this book, Phillip M. Kleespies and his colleagues provide clinicians with critical, evidence-based approaches for the evaluation and management of behavioral emergencies. Comprehensive in scope, this book provides a solid knowledge base that will be an invaluable resource for all clinicians.

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Insider’s Guide to Graduate Programs in Clinical and Counseling Psychology
2010/2011 Edition

Michael A. Sayette, Tracy J. Mayne, and John C. Norcross

With more than 120,000 copies in print, the Insider’s Guide is the resource students rely on to find graduate clinical and counseling psychology programs that meet their needs—and gain admittance to them.

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