Dear Division 12 colleague:

It is that time again to request your participation in the Division’s nominations for APA Boards and Committees. We would like the voice and influence of the Society of Clinical Psychology to permeate the APA governance.

Early career, mid-career, and senior psychologists are welcome to seek nomination. Terms of office are for 3 years, starting in January 2016. Attendance at two meetings per year in Washington, DC is usually required; APA pays all expenses.

Below please find the list of Board and Committee openings for 2016. Please nominate a Division 12 colleague and/or yourself for the available positions.

You may do so by sending the person’s name, committee of choice, and CV to norcross@scranton.edu Nominations must be submitted before or on February 22, 2015.

At the same time, please also self-nominate yourself directly online through the APA portal at http://apps.apa.org/nominations/Default.aspx.  You will need to login using your MyAPA account ID and password.  More nominations tend to strengthen the probability that a psychologist will eventually appear on the ballot.

Nomination does not guarantee a position on a slate, as some of these committee positions are highly competitive. If you fit more than one slate, let us know, as you can be nominated for more than one slate or committee.

Thank you for participating in the nominations process and for representing the Society of Clincial Psychology.

Cordially yours,


John Norcross, Suzy Gulliver, DeMond Grant, & Terry Keane

Governance Committee


2016 APA Board/Committee Openings


Board for the Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest (BAPPI)

Slate 1 – ethnic minority psychologist

Slate 2 – psychologist with a disability

Slate 3 – general (anyone with expertise related to social justice/public interest)


Board of Educational Affairs (BEA)

Slate 1 – expertise in graduate or post-doctoral training or teaching continuing education

Slate 2 – expertise in teaching pre-college or undergraduate students

Slate 3 – expertise in educational standards and/or evaluation

Slate 4 – expertise in the application of psychology to school systems


Board of Professional Affairs (BPA)

Slate 1 – expertise in interprofessional practice

Slate 2 – expertise in health policy and/or public health

Slate 3 – independent practitioner + either SPTA leadership or cultural diversity expertise


Board of Scientific Affairs (BSA)

Slate 1 – expertise in social or cultural psychology

Slate 2 – expertise in psychopathology, personality, or clinical science

Slate 3 – expertise in developmental or educational psychology


Committee on International Relations in Psychology (CIRP)

three to be elected, no slates – anyone with an interest in international or cross-cultural psychology


Committee on Rural Health (CRH)

Slate 1 – ethnic minority or sexual minority or person with a disability

Slate 2 – experience in evidence-based integrative care and service delivery to rural populations

Slate 3 – experience in agricultural or community psychology


Ethics Committee

Slate 1 – ethnic minority psychologist

Slate 2 – licensed practitioner in an emerging area (e.g., veterans care, telepsychology, social media)


Membership Board

Slate 1 – diversity

Slate 2 – public policy

Slate 3 – technology or marketing


Publications & Communications Board (P&C)

1 to be elected; expertise in health, health research, and/or big data (must have experience with journal and/or book editing)