Who Knew the Society Did So Much Stuff?

By David F. Tolin, Ph.D., ABPP



The key to any successful organization is having a group of people with the talent and know-how that you need, the energy to take action, and a shared vision for what needs to happen.  I’m delighted to report that the Society of Clinical Psychology is a great example of what we can do when we all work together, love what we do, and know why we’re doing it.  I want to use this column to tell you about just some of the great things your colleagues are doing.

The Membership Committee, chaired by Dr. Marc Hillbrand, is in the process of developing a series of social hours and professional symposia in order to help link prospective and new members with mid- and late-career members.  Their aim is to assist individuals entering the profession make the transition from trainee to professional, and to make SCP their professional “home.”

The Committee on Science and Practice, chaired by Dr. Evan Forman, is in the process of updating and overhauling our materials on empirically supported treatments (ESTs).  In the coming months, our members will be able to access treatment manuals, video demonstrations, manuscripts, and a host of other materials that will help them make ESTs a part of their practice, research, and teaching.

The Web Subcommittee,chaired by Dr.Damion Grasso, has recently made sweeping changes to the SCP web page (www.div12.org).  They plan to keep fresh content on the site, with blog content changing on a bi-weekly basis, video podcasts changing on a monthly basis, and social media updates that occur on a regular basis. In the near future, you’ll also see improvements to our Clinician’s Toolkit, and more resources for students and early career psychologists.  We’re also in the early stages of creating a directory for our clinician members, so that prospective consumers who are interested in a particular EST can find an SCP psychologist in their area who can provide that treatment.  If you have a clinical practice, be sure to visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SCPdirectory so we can have your information when the directory goes “live.”

The Continuing Education Subcommittee, chaired by Drs. Deborah Drabick and Jonathan Weinand, is currently developing a CE initiative to begin this summer.  Stay tuned for messages from Deborah and Jon—they will be seeking suggestions for speakers or topics.

The Conference Planning Task Force, chaired by Dr. Sharon Berry, is in the process of developing a plan for an annual SCP convention.  Having our own convention will be a great way to increase participation by students and early career psychologists, help recruit new members, and give our members a place to interact outside the overwhelmingly huge APA convention.

The Awards Ceremony Task Force, also chaired by Dr. Sharon Berry (who apparently does not sleep), has been working to reinvigorate the SCP Awards Ceremony at the APA Convention.  This year you’ll find that the ceremony has a distinctly celebratory feel (Party on, SCP), with awards, book giveaways, food and drinks, and the ability to rub elbows with luminaries in the field of clinical psychology.  Be sure to attend the ceremony on Thursday, August 7 from 6-8 pm in the Renaissance Hotel Ballroom West B in Washington, DC.

Finally, the Special Interest Group Task Force, chaired by Natalia Potapova (who, as a graduate student, was particularly courageous to take on this task), is in the process of surveying members to identify which Special Interest Groups (SIGs) would be most beneficial to our members.  We hope to send out invitations for the first SIGs soon!

These committees and task forces are the lifeblood of the Society.  Their work is what makes SCP such a desirable organization to join, and what makes us renew our memberships year after year.  It’s an absolute pleasure to work with them, and they have my sincerest thanks.

On another note, I’d like to mention that our editors for The Clinical Psychologist, Drs. Marie-Guerda Nicolas and Roxanne Donovan, will be stepping down after this issue.  I know the members join me in thanking them for their hard work and service to the Society.

Want to speak up or get involved? Email me at david.tolin@hhchealth.org or send an email to the listserv at div12apa@lists.apa.org.