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Preliminary Salary Data Provided by APA Office of Research

2002 Earnings of Psychologists Employed Full Time in Medical Schools by Years Since Doctorate

2002 Earnings of Psychologists Employed Full Time in Medical Schools by Academic Rank




APAHC 2009 Conference
October 15 - 17
St. Louis, MO 

APAHC Conference Presentations

*Note: Presentations are in "read only" pdf format.  Some presentations are not available for download

~Ethical Issues for Psychologists in AHCs - John Linton, PhD, ABPP
~ The Future of Psychology Practice and Research in Academic Health Centers - James Bray, Ph.D.
~ Academic Health Centers and Psychology: Creating the Future Ronald Rozensky, PhD, ABPP
~ Managing Suicidality - M. David Rudd, PhD, ABPP
~ PTSD with Returning Military - Alan Peterson, PhD, ABPP
~ Hospital Privileges: Practicing at the Intersection of Competencies and Bureaucracies? - William Robiner, Ph.D. 
~ Depression and Diabetes - Patrick Lustman, PhD, ABPP
~ Pediatric Obesity a Socio-Environmental Perspective - Denise Wilfley, PhD
~ Public & Private Funding Sources for AHCs - Cheryl King (mod), Ronald Brown, PhD, ABPP, Gregory Farber, PhD
~ Launching and Nurturing an Early Career in AHCs - Ronald Rozensky, PhD, ABPP
~ Mid-Career Issues in AHCs - John D. Robinson, EdD, MPH, ABPP

Poster Presentations

~ Hughes, Lisa C., Caloudas, Steve, G., Leonard, Mackenzie L., & Naus, Mary J. (2009): The Five-Factor Model of Personality as a Predictor of Post-Traumatic Growth in Caucasian and African-American Breast Cancer Survivors. Health Psychology Research Group, University of Houston.
~ Bottonari, Kathryn A. & Stepleman, Lara M. (2009): Predictors of Longevity in Psychotherapy Among HIV-Infected Patients. Augusta, GA VAMC.
~ Stepleman, Lara M. & Bottonari, Kathryn A. (2009): Evaluating a Clinic-Wide Mental Health Intervention for Treatment-Seeking HIV-Infected Patients. Medical College of Georgia.
~ Campbell, Laura K., Madan, Alok, Barth, Kelly, Goldman, Rachel, & Borckardt, Jeffery J. (2009): Psychosocial Screening of Solid Organ Transplant Candidates with the Online Psychosocial Triage System (OPTS). Medical University of South Carolina.
~ Rugh, J., Klepac, Robert, Hendricson, W., Hatch, J., Guest, G., & Glass, B. (2009): CATs: Enhancing the Integration of Science in Professional Curriculum. University of Texas Health Science Center - San Antonio.
~ Rugh, J.D., Klepac, R.K., Sever, N., Hendricson, W.D., Parma, R.R., Gureckis, K., & Hatch, J.P. (2009): Encouraging the Integration of Current Scientific Findings in Private Professional Practice: A Pilot Project. University of Texas Health Science Center – San Antonio.
~ VanWormer, Arin., Robiner, William, Lindquist, Ruth, & Finkelstein, Stanley: (2009): Enhancing Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration. University of Minnesota Medical School.
~ Yozwiak, John A., Victor, Andrea M., Robiner, William N., & Durmusoglu, Gokce (2009): Videoconferencing and Psychology Internships: Experiences, Challenges, and Prospects. University of Kentucky and University of Minnesota Medical School.
~ Leventhal, Gerald & Hong, Barry A. (2009): Workforce Research for Psychologists in Academic Health Centers. University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey – New Jersey Medical School and Washington University – St. Louis.
~ Barber, Jessica, Sanders, Kathryn A., Capelli, Sandra, & Frantsve, Lisa (2009): Development and Implementation of Primary Care Integration in VACHS-West Haven. VA Connecticut Healthcare System and Yale University School of Medicine.
~ Adams, Sue K., Murdock, Karla Kelin, & McQuaid, Elizabeth (2009): The Sociocultural Context of Urban Children's Asthma Management: Mediation Models of Parents' Medication Beliefs, Religious Problem-Solving, and Risks for Treatment Non-Adherence. University of Rhode Island.
~ Foran, Kelly A. & O'Hea, Erin L. (2009): Depression in Mothers with Breast Cancer Compared to a Healthy Maternal Sample. LaSalle University and Yale-New Haven Hospital.
~ Flynn, Heather A., Himle, Joe, Henshaw, E, O'Mahen, Heather, & Forman, Jane (2009): Developing Psychological interventions for Depression Within Obstetrics Settings. University of Michigan Medical School, Department of Psychiatry.
~ Hooper, D. Ryan & Brawer, Peter A. (2009): Expanding Education and Training for Integrated primary Care in Graduate Schools. St. Louis University & St. Louis VA Medical Center.
~ Van Slyck, Michael R & Stern, Marilyn (2009): Contemporary Social Conflict Theory: Critical Knowledge and Skills for Psychologists in Academic Healthcare Centers. Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Conference CE Program
Conference Schedule - Download (PDF)