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There are three positions on the APAHC 2012 ballot.  We hope you will
consider yourself or a colleague for one of these positions.  The Board of
Directors offers a great opportunity to work nationally with colleagues in
academic health centers.

[1] Secretary, 3 year term (1/1/13-12/31/15)
[2] Member-at-Large, 3 year term (1/1/13-12/31/15)
[3] Representative to Division 12, 3 year term (1/1/13-12/31/15)

Election to the APAHC Board involves a commitment to work on behalf of one's
colleagues. Board members must belong to the Association. They meet face to
face at least once a year, participate in monthly 1-hour conference calls, and
communicate frequently by e-mail. Each Board member is responsible for
specific tasks and participates in team projects.

Nominations are submitted by e-mail and must be received by APAHC
Secretary Kathryn Sanders at by March 23. You may
nominate as many people as you wish. Self-nominations are encouraged.

Nominating letters must:
•       State the nominee's qualifications for office
•       Confirm the nominee's willingness to serve if elected
•       Provide the nominee's name, full mailing address, phone number, and
e-mail address
•       Provide the nominee's curriculum vitae as an e-mail attachment to
the nomination letter

Each person nominated will be contacted and asked to submit a statement of
willingness to serve on the APAHC Board of Directors and a one-page
statement of goals that allows members to know more about the candidates.
The Board of Directors will select six nominees (two per position) to appear on
the ballot.  Access to on-line ballots will be sent to members by e-mail in
April.  The election will close April 15, 2012. New Board members take their
positions January 1, 2013.

Questions re activities of the APAHC Board of Directors or the nomination
process may be directed to Barbara Cubic, Ph.D., APAHC President, at or (757) 446-5888 (612) 624–1479 or Kathryn Sanders,
Ph.D., APAHC Secretary, at or 203-932-5711 x3317. 
Thank you.

The Secretary shall be elected by the membership. The Secretary shall create
minutes of every board and membership meeting and distribute these minutes
to the Board and the webmaster. The secretary sends to the Listserv the call
for nominations for elected positions in the organization, as well as any
proposed amendments to the bylaws.

The Members-at-Large shall be elected by the membership.  Two members-at-
large shall serve on the Board of Directors.  Each shall perform duties as
required of him/her by the President or the Board of Directors.

The Representative to Division 12 shall be elected by the membership (and must be a member of both APAHC and Division 12). The Representative to Division 12 shall attend Division 12 meetings (generallytwo per year in different cities) and report back to the APAHC Board.  TheRepresentative facilitates communication between Division 12 and APAHCleadership.