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The purpose of this listserv is to facilitate communication among professionals and researchers interested in psychological assessment. This is a closed discussion forum, available only to members of Division 12 Section 9. The listserv functions as the primary means by which messages from the Board are delivered to the membership.

To subscribe please send the following message (exactly as it appears below) to

ADD DIV12assessment (your email address) (your name)
Example: DIV12assessment John Doe


The resources (hardware, software, and technical assistance) for this effort are provided without charge by the American Psychological Association as a public service. Do not use this forum for any communication that could be construed in any way as support for or opposition to any candidate for a federal, state or local public office. The Federal law providing for the American Psychological Association's tax exempt status absolutely forbids the use of APA resources or facilities, including this forum, in any way that would even appear to support or oppose such a political candidate.

In addition to these rules, various standards have emerged within the *culture* of electronic list forums. These standards do NOT mean requirements, however. By following these standards and rules, you will contribute to a climate of trust and collegiality that encourages a friendly, informed and, yet spontaneous discourse.

Standard 1: Please sign each of your messages, including your Email address. This enables us to be able to communicate with you in response to your message. Most Email software includes a signature option that automatically generates this information and any other you wish.

Standard 2: Please keep your messages constructive, courteous, and brief.

Standard 3: Please adhere to HIPAA regulations and refrain from disclosing personal or identifying information when discussing or referring to actual assessment clients.

Standard 4: If your Email software program includes and you utilize an option that repeats the message to which you are responding, please, please do not repeat any part of the message that is not essential. This will save considerable space (bandwidth) for everyone who receives your message.

Standard 5: Please be supportive of fellow Forum members and show mutual respect.