Division 12 Section IX is inviting information on graduate programs and internship training sites specializing in assessment opportunities.
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Student Membership in Section IX


  • Benefits include:
    • Reduced, affordable annual dues of $20.00
    • Receive online subscription to Assessment
    • Listserv membership
    • Invitations to “Meet and Greets” with leaders and meet leaders in the field
    • Get resources to literature and training programs related to assessment

Student Research Award


  • Co-sponsored by the Western Psychological Services and the Association of Test Publishers
  • Granted for methodological strength and contribution to the literature
  • Presented at the jointly held Section IX and APA’s Division 5 meet-and-greet breakfast at a student research poster award session
  • Winners receive a travel award check from Western Psychological Services and a plaque from Association of Test Publishers

Previous Award Winners:
2014 – Chelsea Sleep, B.A., Eastern Kentucky University (Mentor: Dustin B. Wygant, Ph.D.)
Title: Elaborating Borderline and Psychopathic Personality Disorders with the Computerized Adaptive Test of Personality Disorder (CAT-PD) in a Female Correctional Sample

2013 – Allison Wainer, M.A., Michigan State University (Mentor: Brooke Ingersoll, Ph.D.)
Title: Validation of the Social Communication Checklist




  • Ethics and assessment
  • Board Certification in the field of assessment
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