The Society of Clinical Psychology, Division 12 has two Members-Only listservs:
DIV12ANN – Announcement listserv
DIV12APA – Discussion Listserv

You can access the listservs at the following link:

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Subscribe or Unsubscribe

You must be a current member of Division 12 to subscribe to the listserv. Your membership will be verified before you are added to the listserv.

Enter your e-mail address and the password you wish to use in the fields provided. Then press the "Register Password" button.

LISTSERV then sends a message to the e-mail address you entered. You must respond to the e- mail message as directed in the message. If you do not respond, the password will not be set. This guarantees that you cannot register a password for an e-mail address that does not exist or belongs to someone else.

Privileges associated with each account are tied to the e-mail address. Site administrators can assign certain privileges, such as list ownership, to certain addresses. List owners can assign list specific privileges to certain addresses. For example, a list owner may decide that the list archives are to be accessible only by list subscribers: anyone trying to view the archives is required to login and if the e-mail address used for logging in is not subscribed to the list, access will not be permitted. Thus, registering an account does not grant you any special privileges on the LISTSERV server: it merely allows you to use the LISTSERV Web interface to perform the tasks that have been granted to your e-mail address by the site administrator or the list owner.

NOTE: Some email service providers will block, quarantine, or reject messages from the Listserv server. If they do, you will not get the confirmation message from the server. Many providers will allow messages through, that would normally be blocked, if the email address is added to the person’s contacts, or a white list (allowed sender’s list). The Listserv server sends informational messages from the email address .  A subscriber should add both the Listserv list’s email address (ex:  ) and the server’s email address (  ) to their contacts and/or their allowed senders list to improve the deliverability of messages from the list and the server.

How to unsubscribe from a Listserv list

To unsubscribe from a Listserv list you can send an email message to Use no subject line. Your message should say only signoff listname (ex: signoff mylist). You can also contact the owner of the Listserv list and request to be unsubscribed from the list. You should send your email to (ex: ).

Posting to the Listserv

Once you have been successfully subscribed to a Listserv list, you can post to that list. You can address a regular email to the list (Ex: and then send your email to the list. The Listserv server will post your email in that list’s archives on the Listserv server’s web page and the server will send a copy of your message to the other subscribers to that list as an email.

A second way is to post directly to the list using the link.

Please Note: You must be a current member of Division 12 to post to the listserv. Your membership will be verified before your post is approved by the moderator.

Managing your subscription to a Listserv list

To manage your subscriber options, you should select your settings on your subscription options page.

The owner/administrator or the subscriber can access these options by logging into the Listserv server’s webpage at  .

Once you have setup a login and logged into the server, you can select “Subscriber’s Corner” from the menu at the top of the page.

You will be brought to a page that lists all of the Listserv lists that the email address that you used to login is subscribed to.

To make modifications to your subscription, click on “Settings” under the list you want to modify and a new page with your subscription options for that specific list will open. Each list’s subscription options are independent of the other lists. So, as an example, if you wanted to change the delivery of messages to “Digest Mode,” you could select that option on your subscriber options page.

You can modify your options for the list on this page and then click on the “Update Options” button to save the changes. The new settings will be implemented as soon as you click on the “Update Options” button. These options can only be modified by the subscriber, the owner/administrator, or the Listmaster.

Nobody else has access to a specific subscriber’s options. This is also the page where you can change your email address.

NOTE: If a subscriber changes their email address, and it is different from the email address they used to login to the Listserv server, they will no longer see that Listserv list in “Subscriber’s Corner”. Once you have modified all of the lists to which you are subscribed, you will need to set up a new login using the procedures outlined above.

Listserv Rules and Policies

APA Rules:

You can read more about APA Rules at the following link:

Society of Clinical Psychology, Division 12 Rules and Policies:

  • Listserv is for Division 12 Members Only
  • We can post items from outside Division if approved by Secretary
  • Students cannot post research requests
  • Advertising
    • Advertising APA Approved Continuing Education Credit is approved
    • Because knowledge of treatment/research resources is in the interest of membership, two additional considerations are apt:
      • Recommendations of books, videos, measures, or other treatment/research resources are allowed if in response to questions/requests for information made by another member (but authors may not promote their own materials).
      • No unsolicited recommendations of treatment/research resources are allowed on the listserv, but all members are encouraged to submit information on treatment resources to the Science and Practice Committee for evaluation for inclusion in the treatment resources provided by the Division 12 website.
  • Discrimination Policy:
    • No single member will be indiscriminately banned from the listserv
    • When a discussion between 2 members reaches 6 total posts, they will be asked by Central Office to take the discussion off-line and further submissions on this topic will not be posted for a period of 1 month.
    • To help ensure a diversity of topics are represented within the listserv, repeated postings of the same or similar content is discouraged; if such requests for postings persist, they will be posted at a rate to meet the etiquette recommendations provided in the following section.
  • Etiquette Policies:
    • No more than two to three postings on same topic in one month by a single member; this limit does not include responses to postings (as discussed in the discrimination policy above). Note that this policy is specific to unsolicited postings that are initiated by one person on the same topic.
    • Please respond directly to the author of the message if providing congratulations or other messages that would be of interest to the sender but not the Division more broadly.