Nominations and Elections

Society of Clinical Psychology
Division 12
2019 Election Ballot
Slate of Candidates

We would like to introduce our 2019 Slate for the 2019 Division Elections. Voting Members, those who are fellows and/or Full Members of Division 12 and APA are eligible to vote beginning April 23. The election will run through June 6, 2019. You should have received an email “2019 Division and SPTA Election” with information on voting. If you have any issues, please contact Garnett Coad at

Please see all Candidate Statements below. These will also be viewable on the Division 12 website and with APA.

Names appear in alphabetical order for each position.

President-Elect: 2 Candidates
Annette M. La Greca, Ph.D., ABPP

I am incredibly honored to be nominated for President-Elect of Division 12. I’ve spent my career working to promote the discipline and profession of clinical psychology. I am a Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Director of Clinical Training at the University of Miami. As a Division 12 Fellow and an APA Presidential Citation recipient, I bring a wide range of leadership and service experience to the profession, including governance positions within APA (Boards of Professional Affairs, Public Interest, Publications and Communication; Council of Representatives; Practice Guidelines Panel for PTSD), as well as leadership positions in Divisions 12, 53, and 54. I served as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology and the Journal of Pediatric Psychology. In my faculty position, I have supervised countless trainees, and collaborated with colleagues in diverse clinical settings; this has familiarized me with key issues facing psychologists today and what’s needed to support professional advancement.

If elected, I would welcome the opportunity to assist the Society in its continued efforts to improve the accessibility and acceptability of quality mental health care for adults and youth. I’ve devoted my career to understanding risk and resilience factors related to mental health, and how to facilitate evidence-based preventive and intervention services so that they are accessible to broad and diverse populations. I’m excited to bring my enthusiasm, energy, and expertise to work with and support our members, to sustain our commitment to a science-practice integration, and to support public policies in the public interest.

Douglas S. Mennin, Ph.D.

I am a Professor of Clinical Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University. Over the past 20 years, I have been examining psychological and biological mechanisms related to worry, stress, and depression and have enjoyed training graduate students and research assistants on diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of anxiety and mood disorders.

In my prior professional roles including serving on the SCP board, I have spearheaded initiatives to grow professional membership and promote greater awareness in the general public regarding modern mental health practices. I would be particularly excited about serving as SCP President given its premier role in representing the interests and identities of clinical psychologists. In divisive times when we can find ourselves on opposing lines of science and practice as well as greater divisions in our society at large, I remember what is so special about the clinical psychology profession: the ability to serve in multiple professional roles and integrate these roles to the betterment of public well-being and healthy functioning. As SCP President, I would promote integrating our best scientific and professional roles in service of addressing current societal problems such as mental health stigma, violence and trauma, and the opioid crisis where the field of clinical psychology can be a shining light of validation and transcendence. Further, I’d encourage more young professionals to join SCP, introducing them to the storied history of the Society but also listening to them in terms of their thoughts for carrying the field of clinical psychology forward in the 21st century.

Council Representative: 2 Candidates
John Guerry, Ph.D.

As an early career clinical psychologist working within an academic medical center, I am committed to advancing the scientist-practitioner mindset. In my clinical work, I am humbled by the power of evidence-based practice to help individuals alleviate suffering, improve functioning, and work towards personal goals. As a scientist, I draw from clinical outcomes data to develop, test, and improve interventions to better serve those presenting for care. As reflected in peer-reviewed publications, national conference presentations, and teaching/supervision responsibilities, I am dedicated to the reciprocal translation of research findings to/from expertise gained from real-world clinical practice. In 2009 I was selected by SCCAP and ABCT to serve as co-author of the website, From 2012-2016, I led the evidence-based update of this website, continued in my role as Website Editor, and served on SCCAP’s Executive Board. Currently, I am serving on the inaugural editorial board of Evidence-based Practice in Child and Adolescent Mental Health, SCCAP’s practice-based journal.

I believe that these experiences uniquely qualify me to serve as D12 COR representative. These are exciting times, when the translation and dissemination of clinically-informed science and evidence-based practice and training (increasingly through leveraging technology) has never been more important. It is an honor to have been nominated for COR in recognition of the need to cultivate leaders among early career professionals. I firmly believe in the mission of D12. I pledge to serve as a strong advocate for clinical psychology and to represent the needs of the next generation of psychologists within APA.

Michael W. Otto, Ph.D.

I am very pleased to have been nominated to run for Council Representative for Division 12. I have been a fellow of APA for over 18 years, and my history of professional service includes an active role on the board for Division 12 from 2016 to 2018, serving as President of our organization in 2017. I also led the planning and facilitation of our first formal Strategic Planning Meeting for Division 12 in February of this year. These roles have helped me to be intimately aware of some of the issues, strengths, and needs of our organization, and will help me strongly represent our membership as an informed and active Council Representative. My service roles have also included hot-topic areas including a founding role of the recent APA Cross-Divisional Task Force on the Opioid Crisis, and service on the Division 12/Section 3 summits on CE issues. I also have a wealth of experience on the board for ABCT, serving as President of the organization in 2005. I have had the benefit of working across several practice settings, devoting the first 17 years of my career as a clinical-researcher and clinician in a large medical center (Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School), and over a dozen years in a Department of Psychology setting (Boston University). My hope is to integrate my knowledge of the field and its diverse setting with my knowledge of Division 12 and its membership to truly represent the organization well. I look forward to your vote.

Secretary: 2 Candidates
Guillermo Bernal, Ph.D.

It is an honor to be nominated as “Secretary” for the Society of Clinical Psychology (SCP). My experience with SCP and APA offers me a unique perspective to continue serving our Society. My involvement in APA governance includes the Finance Committee (2007-2012); Council Representative (2014-2016; 2017-2019) for D-12, and (2001-2007) for D-45, APA Minority Fellowship Program (1993-2003); and APA Committee on International Relations in Psychology (1992-1995). I am a Fellow of SCP (2001), and I have served in several divisional committees (e.g., Finance, Diversity). These experiences provide context to face the pressing issues for SCP, i.e., loss of membership; identify diffusion, and retaining our position of prominence. The skills acquired in APA governance provides me the resources to promote the interests of SCP effectively.

I am a research-oriented clinical psychologist and professor at the University of Puerto Rico (retired) where I founded and directed the Institute for Psychological Research. My research is on the efficacy of treatments for adolescent depression. Also, I have published on the cultural adaptation of evidence-based therapies.

I expect to support novel initiatives for the SCP such as our new strategic plan. I believe SCP can join with other societies and work with APA to advocate for increased federal resources to support research and research training programs in the service of developing future scientist-practitioners responsive to the needs of diverse communities. In short, I will advocate for all initiatives that strengthen the science and profession of clinical psychology. I ask for your support.

Chad J. Kelland, Psy.D., M.A.

I am very excited to run for the position of Secretary for Division 12 and I ask that you consider voting for me. I have been a professional member of the APA for a few years and am eager to begin participating in leadership opportunities that help continue the great work of Division 12. My talents are in administration and organization. If elected Secretary, my energetic approach to life, my belief in communication and transparency, and my dedication to our great profession will be the hallmarks of my work in supporting the other members of Division's leadership group. I strongly believe in the mission of this Division and look forward to supporting the leadership team as we work to move it forward. Thank you for your consideration.