Early Career Planning

Job Search and Job Negotiation

Resources for Postdoctoral Fellowships

Licensure and Board Certification Costs

Licensing (Examination for the Professional Practice of Psychology [EPPP])
Exam Preparation:* Cost Website
Study materials for EPPP $349+ www.aatbs.com
Mock EPPP Exams $350-$500 www.aatbs.com
Weekend EPPP
Preparation Workshops
$700-$795 www.aatbs.com
EPPP Audio $225-275 www.aatbs.com
EPPP $450 + $65
testing center fee
Board Certification***
Cost Website
American Board of
Professional Psychology
$125-$1,000 www.abpp.org

*Packages that include most or all EPPP preparation materials are available and may cost less than the
individually priced items. Visit the websites provided for more details.
**In addition to the EPPP costs, some states have additional licensing requirements with additional costs.
Visit your own state’s board of psychology website for more information.
***Board certification costs vary by specialty. If you are interested in obtaining board certification, please
visit the American Board of Professional Psychology website for more information.

Financial Planning for Early Career Professionals

Financial Resources for Recent Graduates

Organization Their Repayment Your Commitment Eligibility Website
National Health Service Corps Up to $170,000 2-5 years Licensed to practice clinically in state where employer located, must be at approved site. http://nhsc.hrsa.gov/loanrepayment
 US Federal Government Jobs (Various Agencies)  Up to $10,000 per
year; $60,000
3 years Varies. https://www.opm.gov/policy-data- oversight/pay-leave/student-loan-repayment/
 State Loan
 Varies  Varies Practice. Eligibility varies by state. https://nhsc.hrsa.gov/loanrepayment/stateloanrepaymentprogram/
US Department of Veteran Affairs  Up to $60,000  3 years  Written determination, generally for practice related positions. http://www.nynj.va.gov/docs/slrpsummary.pdf
Indian Health Service  $40,000 – 60,000  2-3 years  Practice. http://www.ihs.gov/loanrepayment/
Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program Remainder after 120 payments  ~10 years Only federal direct loans. Payments made under qualifying plan while working in public service / non- profit org. Research, practice, and other. https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/repay-loans/forgiveness-cancellation/public-service
National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities Up to $35,000 per year  2 years Researchers in non-federal academic or research settings. https://www.nimhd.nih.gov/programs/extramural/loan-repayment.html
National Institutes of Health  Up to $35,000 per year  2 years  Pediatric, health disparity, fertility or clinical research for people from disadvantaged backgrounds. http://www.lrp.nih.gov
Faculty Loan Repayment Program  Up to $40,000  2 years  Teaching in a graduate program in behavioral and mental health. https://bhw.hrsa.gov/loansscholarships/flrp
Health Professions Scholarship Program  Tuition and other costs  3 years  Practice as a commissioned
medical department officer in the
Army, Navy, or Air Force
Army: http://www.goarmy.com/amedd/education/hpsp.htm
Navy: https://www.navy.com/joining/college-options/hpsp
Air Force: https://www.airforce.com/careers/specialtycareers/healthcare/training-and-education